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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 330 destruction sleep
The tiny palace where Zhao Yanzi was grounded is at the particular again, far out of the great palace . Simply because they were prohibited to travel during the dragon palace, Hao Ren went for almost around 30 minutes with Premier Xia right before they achieved Zhao Yanzi’s ‘small black colored room’ .
Unlocking two opportunities in a night time, naturally, he got an excellent skin tone . On the other hand, in Zhou Liren’s view, it got a distinct which means, particularly if he saw Xie Yujia’s appearance possessed already been outstanding recently .
There are tall wall surfaces round the palace, and troops guarded the wall space . It turned out out of the question for Zhao Yanzi to escape .
Zhao Hongyu thought it would be the best time for them to get deeper . Regardless of the existing scenario, she liked Hao Ren and didn’t would like to work too coldly toward him .
“How are his satisfies recently?” Hao Ren questioned him casually .
But Hao Ren was faster than her, finding her fingers instantly .
“The accident regarding destruction of 1 / 2 of the Western Ocean Dragon Palace is dispersing to every single corner with the dragon palace . Some applauded you, and many disapproved of the impulsiveness . Most of them say how the fire in the Western side Water Dragon Palace is distributing on the Eastern Seashore Dragon Palace . Hehe, possibly my outdated ears were definitely participating in tips on me, but I sound to… have often heard some of the crimson-robed senior citizen seniors advising stripping your reputation as the Fuma to end the turmoil . “
On the ground away from place was a wood carton containing recipes . Clearly, Zhao Yanzi was still furious and denied to enjoy .
“It’s alright, Highest regarded Xia . You may get back to job . ” Hao Ren smiled at Most recognized Xia .
“In the small palace from the back end,” The best Xia reported humbly .
“Humph! Humph!” Zhao Yanzi snorted loudly .
“Humph,” Zhen Congming snorted . If he hadn’t been living in Hao Ren’s house and dialing Hao Ren ‘big brother’, he wouldn’t have given almost anything to Hao Ren .
While Zhao Yanzi was grounded from the East Ocean Dragon Palace, he has been considering her for the entire time .
Even so, Hao Ren didn’t appreciate the imagination of girls and had no clue if she was satisfied or angry deep inside .
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Without delay, Highest regarded Xia went over and lifted Hao Ren’s hand .
Standing beyond the palace, Top Xia p.r.i.c.ked his ear and read the perplexing phrases of “x^2+2x+1” . Even though he didn’t comprehend anything of it, he tranquil acknowledging that the princess was risk-free .
Zhou Liren looked unhappy, though he had not expected Hao Ren would know about Su Han’s predicament .
“Don’t pout . When you are grounded, you can actually spend some time to review for your personal tests . ” Hao Ren moved the kitchen table in between the couch and also the bed furniture and established the physical exercise publication .
“Humph! Humph!” Zhao Yanzi snorted loudly .
Zhen Congming thinking for a while and pulled his classes handbag from his back before taking out a darker carton from his carrier .
The bedroom was even smaller compared to the short term room she is in last time when she is in the East Ocean Dragon Palace . There were just one mattress, one chair, just one smaller sq dining room table, plus a section front door leading to the small backyard during the lower back .
The potency of one particular Main Growth Kingdom cultivator was practically equal to that of a troop of 30,000 to 50,000 members of the military, and the insignificant results over the golf ball court could will no longer draw his focus . Nevertheless, learning the outcomes of the satisfies, he was pleased for his very good pal Zhao Jiayi .
“Hey! Hi!” Zhou Liren b.u.mped Hao Ren with his elbow . “You will be shut down with Su Han, ideal? Did you know when she will come back to train us?”
Zhen Congming believed for a short time and pulled his education case from his shoulder muscles before taking out a darkish package from his bag .
He recognized specifically what he should and shouldn’t say . Nevertheless, Highest regarded Xia was thankful to Hao Ren’s candor towards him and chose to provide him with some hints .
“d.a.m.n! They entered the nationwide quarterfinals! How would you noise so typical over it!” Zhou Liren practically yelled . Finding the mentor for the base look their way, he immediately reduced his mind .
Speaking of what happened, Hao Ren’s grandmother also had in Zhen Congming as a grandson soon after eating him for a couple of days and nights . Hence, Hao Ren naturally has become his more aged sibling .
Zhao Yanzi glared at him and drew again her hands and wrists before searching for fiercely . “Once I emerge, I’ll instruct Xie Yujia a training!”
“Thank you so much . ” Hao Ren placed the container in the bank .
“The incident concerning your exploitation of half of the West Beach Dragon Palace is spreading to each and every part from the dragon palace . Some applauded you, as well as some disapproved within your impulsiveness . Quite a few say how the blaze inside the To the west Seashore Dragon Palace is distributing towards the Eastern side Sea Dragon Palace . Hehe, could be my old the ears were actually enjoying hints on me, however sound to… already know a number of the crimson-robed senior citizen elders recommending stripping your reputation when the Fuma to end the problems . “
Standing outside the palace, Leading Xia p.r.i.c.ked his ear and read the confusing thoughts of “x^2+2x+1” . Though he didn’t comprehend a word than it, he comfortable acknowledging that the princess was secure .
“There are actually 72 dharma flags designed with gold essence plus a dharma platter created from serious sea crystals . The array designed with them should keep out Gen-levels cultivators,” Zhen Congming claimed confidently because he set the package into Hao Ren’s hands .
On a lawn beyond your room was really a timber pack made up of food . Obviously, Zhao Yanzi was still annoyed and rejected to consume .
“On the tiny palace from the back end,” Most recognized Xia reported humbly .
Hao Ren sat up and searched toward the front row . Xie Yujia was making notes together with her head lowered, uncovering the rear of her bright white throat beneath her dark-colored head of hair .

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